About Total Tarot and Byline

About us

Total Tarot is published by Byline Publishing, a London-based independent publisher. We work closely with Lo Scarabeo, the world leader in the field of Tarot cards, to ensure the collection is of the highest standard – and that the decks and verified expert content are all 100% official.

Total Tarot has already successfully launched and is on sale in the UK and Australia. To date, more than 500,000 copies have been sold. The UK and Australian editions are published fortnightly, with one delivery of two magazines every month.

To save our international customers having to pay prohibitive postage and duty costs, the Total Tarot Club sends one delivery, every two months to the various international territories. Each delivery contains four magazines, along with one full Tarot deck and two half decks together with your Tarot-related bonus gifts.

We have an active online Total Tarot community, which subscribers to Total Tarot Club can join on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/groups/totaltarotcollection and share ideas, and we have a dedicated Total Tarot Club Facebook page at www.facebook.com/totaltarotclub and Instagram at www.instagram.com/totaltarotclub.